Citrine Mini Sphere


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Citrine is an exceedingly beneficial crystal. It is commonly known as the "feel good" stone and has a warming energizing effect. Citrine is good for cleansing the Chakras and balancing the bodies energies. It is said that Citrine raises self-esteem and self-confidence, helping with creativity, motivation and self-expression. Citrine promotes joy in life and helps in becoming emotionally balanced. Citrine is believed to be the stone of abundance and attracts wealth and prosperity. Placing this stone in the wealth corner of the home (the farthest back left corner from the front door or an individual room) invites wealth and prosperity.

?Color: Yellow to yellowish clear, brown
?Chakra: Crown, Solar Plexus
?Element: Fire
?Energies: Projective, Healing
?Zodiac: Gemini, Leo, Libra
?Size: Approx. 1" inch

Price is for ONE sphere, grouping shown to example the natural variations.

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