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Irish Hag Stone # HS42

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In the olde days Hag stones were popular charms to use around the home for protection.  They display a naturally worn hole from created by nature. They have enchanted the folk of the British Isles for centuries with tales of protection. Only good wishes and good fortune can pass through the hole, bad luck and evil thoughts get stuck in the middle and cannot pass. Belief says that magic cannot work on moving water so your hag stone will act as a "shield" against spells and all other sorts of nasty energies. Popular uses are wear around ones neck, hang in the home near entryways, on rural properties hang in barns where animals are kept to keep the naughty faerie folk away throughout the night and to prevent witches taking the horses for a ride in the night. Attach to a bedpost to keep away bad dreams.  

Hagstone: # HS42

Hagstone gathered from Wexford, Ireland.

Size: 3/4"

Photo below of our hagstone we hang in our kitchen strung with our iron protection key. 


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