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Using crystal wands in your well-being practice.

Using crystal wands in your well-being practice.

30th May 2021

Did You Know? Crystal wands are great to incorporate into your personal well-being practice. Crystal wands are popular to help alleviate headaches: if your wand is rounded (as in the photo) gently roll the wand over your forehead, also a little essential oil on the palm will allow you to also breathe in soothing aroma. Use the rounded end to very gently massage lavender essential oil onto the temples, behind ears and or lower neck area. If you have a pointed wand, place the wand tip facing the area of discomfort while visualizing cleansing energy entering the area clearing out stagnant energy, reverse also, and visualize the unwanted energy and discomfort leaving your body, whichever feels right for you. Clear quartz, clear calcite, selenite, amethyst type crystals are great for higher chakra energies. Be gentle to yourself, you deserve it.

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