Moss Agate Tumbled Stone, One


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Green Moss Agate meaning: Green Moss Agate is a stone holding a strong connection to nature. It is a stone that through the ages has been used to assist midwives in their work ensuring a good delivery. This crystal is said to refresh the soul and assist in allowing us to see the beauty in all that surrounds us. It is believed to be a crystal that helps reduce stress and to lessen fears while promoting self expression and communication.

Magical/Lore: In ancient Rome agates worn in a ring on the hand or bound around the left arm ensured the favor of the vegetative deities who would cause the earth to be fruitful. Small green agates where also hung from trees to increase their yield.

Chakra: Heart
Energies: Strength, Gardening, Longevity, Healing, Protection
Element: Earth
Zodiac: Virgo
Size: 1"

Perfect size for your gem jewelry supplies too! create energetic wire wrapped jewelry or encase in a spiral cage for the perfect pendant!

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