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Morning Tea Ritual

Morning Tea Ritual

7th Jun 2022

Each morning is full of new beginnings, a time to be grateful and to set intention for the day ahead. Try this little tea ritual in the morning, we think you will like it.  When your favorite morning herbal tea is ready hold the cup to your heart area and inhale the fragrance of the tea, inhale again and turn your head to your left shoulder and exhale (the left connects with letting go) on your exhale visualize letting go of stagnant energy or stresses that you continually hold on to. Now, circle the cup in front of your heart center area and think of something happy, something you are grateful for, and smile. Inhale the fragrant scent of the tea, sip, smile and be in gratitude.  It's the little things done on a daily basis that over time count towards your overall well-being.  

This is a great ritual to end your day with also, try one of our organic calming blends, the Calming Rest Tea is wonderful for end of day relaxation before bed. 

Herbal Blessings....

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